Poem on her own translation of Pietro Bongo’s Numerorum Mysteria

If you have read Part 2 of my post on The Theatricality of a Renaissance Book, you will realise how important this is.  I haven’t got very far with the translation of the Numerorum Mysteria yet, but I need to be prepared, and also give my friends and well wishers time to consider their own verses.  Some may wish to write in Latin hexameters or Hebrew, and these things can’t be done overnight.  For some reason I have to start the lines with bullet points.  It’s a tech thing.

  • Great Bongo, pride of Bergamo, thy fame
  • Shall once again illume thy city’s name.
  • Thy work, for long in learned tongue disguised,
  • Translated shall delight new scholars’ eyes.
  • A candle’s glow oft shews a jewel bright
  • And shines more clear adorned with borrowed light;
  • So shall my little skill aggrandised be,
  • And I share in thine immortality.

Get writing.




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